Friday, February 11, 2011

Poetry I've written

Well y'all if you didn't know I like to write poetry well you do now. Thought I'd post a few of my poems and a lot of them have some romantic undertones, so in light of valentines being around the corner I thought it might be appropriate. Well I hope you enjoy them.

All but One

You know all my secrets,

all of my secrets but One.

You know all my feelings,

all my feeling but One.

You know all my desires,

all my desires but One.

You do not know who it is I love,

all my love is yours, The One.

What Matters

It’s not my clothes or the shoes on my feet.

It’s not my classes or the courses I take.

It’s not my computer or my car on the street.

It’s not my job or how much money I make.

But it is the person I love and care about.

It’s about serving her and making her happier not sadder.

It’s about giving her all my love and leaving no doubt.

It’s all about You because to me you are what matters.

Put in my Path

Throughout my life there are people who

Have been put in my path for a reason or two

There is my mother who is an example to me

And my father the man I want to be.

All of these people have taught me many things

From service and work to sharing my feelings

There is Momma J who taught me to serve

My brother Owen taught me how to not lose my nerve.

I still count these people as more than just friends

They have all taught me that life and love have no end.

My roommate Nate taught me to give others my attention

There are more on this list but just two more I’ll mention

There is my Father in Heaven who teaches me from above

And then there is you who is teaching me to LOVE.


  1. I'm impressed Trevor! I had no clue you were really a softy. (; Love you!