Friday, February 11, 2011

Poetry I've written

Well y'all if you didn't know I like to write poetry well you do now. Thought I'd post a few of my poems and a lot of them have some romantic undertones, so in light of valentines being around the corner I thought it might be appropriate. Well I hope you enjoy them.

All but One

You know all my secrets,

all of my secrets but One.

You know all my feelings,

all my feeling but One.

You know all my desires,

all my desires but One.

You do not know who it is I love,

all my love is yours, The One.

What Matters

It’s not my clothes or the shoes on my feet.

It’s not my classes or the courses I take.

It’s not my computer or my car on the street.

It’s not my job or how much money I make.

But it is the person I love and care about.

It’s about serving her and making her happier not sadder.

It’s about giving her all my love and leaving no doubt.

It’s all about You because to me you are what matters.

Put in my Path

Throughout my life there are people who

Have been put in my path for a reason or two

There is my mother who is an example to me

And my father the man I want to be.

All of these people have taught me many things

From service and work to sharing my feelings

There is Momma J who taught me to serve

My brother Owen taught me how to not lose my nerve.

I still count these people as more than just friends

They have all taught me that life and love have no end.

My roommate Nate taught me to give others my attention

There are more on this list but just two more I’ll mention

There is my Father in Heaven who teaches me from above

And then there is you who is teaching me to LOVE.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wow it has been a long time since I have gotten on here and talked about what I am up to. Well just to let you all know why I am finally getting on here its because one I am bored but two I have a big test tomorrow that I am trying to avoid studying for. So well lets see what fun things have I been up to as of lately. Well the relationship side of my life has been pretty eventful, nothing serious but I have been dating around and getting to know a lot of lovely ladies. I have done a lot of fun things this past year. I went on a pretty sweet backpacking trip last fall with my brothers Owen and Bridger you can see picks of it on FB. This summer I also went to Havasupi which was a blast I recommend it to one and all to go. It is a pretty long hike in and out 12 miles one way. Lucky for you, you won't have to pack in two packs like I had the opportunity of doing. My friend Shalee rolled her ankle about a quarter mile down the trail so I hauled her pack in for her. Other than that trip I have just gone to Cali, Lake powell twice, Hawaii, Flaming Gorge, jacksonhole a couple of times. Those are the places I have been to over the past while.
Now let me get to tellin you what I have planned for the future. Well about one week ago i paid for my plane tickets that will take me around the world come this summer. My buddy Dan and I are taking 2 months and flying to Europe for a few days. We are flying into Italy taking a train up through Switzerland on our way to London and stopping a few times a long the way. Then we will be jumping ship down to Johanasberg, South Africa, where we will be going on a seven day safari on our way to Victory Falls. After bungijumping off of the falls and seeing a bunch of cool stuff we are taking a flight back to Joberg and then on to Singapore. From there we are taking a train up through Malasia through southern Thailand up to Bangkok. Along the way we are planning on riding an elephant and chillin on the sweet beaches in Thailand and what ever other adventures we can find. From there we are flying down to Sydney, Australia where we are renting a car and taking our adventure up the east coast on our way to Brisbane and the great barrier reef. After seeing what Australia has to offer its off to Aukland, New Zealand and then on to L.A. and a short flight back to SLC, Utah. Thats the trip I got planned for this summer.
Other than that not a lot to talk about. Well I am off to think of some more stuff to put on here.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Days in the Sun Shine.

Well y'all my days out here are numbered well if you can't today its 6. Well let me tell y'all a little bit about what I have been up to this past while. Work is about dead the sells reps out here aren't getting the job done anymore. So as a tech I have not been getting the necessary installs that I need so I decided to come home early. But one good thing about it being super slow is that I have had more time to play. This past week all the tech myself included all went and bought tubes, we then went and tubed down the Red Deer river. It was a lot of fun the river was pretty shallow I hit my lower backside(aka butt) on a few rocks. That didn't feel so good but the float took about an hour and a half and it was a lot of fun. During the float we had wars with one another and threw each other in the river. We all bot sun burned pretty badly, I got a nice even burn over my entire body that was not that bad it went away after a day. But the other techs got pretty roasted.
Then a few days later on a Saturday, the singles branch had a beach activity out by Sylvan Lake. Justin and I went out to attend it. We had a ton of fun, first we went wake boarding. Did I mention that I have not been wake boarding in at least 5 years. Well I did pretty good I got up and was able to show off how good I was and wrecking. I showed how I can attempt a 180 in the air and then face plant it. I did knock the air out of myself pretty good. After wake boarding we did some knee boarding we had two people going at the same time. Justin and Brooke went first then I switched Brooke. Well it was fun except for the fact that the ropes were different lengths so I was behind Justin. Besides eating a lot of water and getting the full view of Justin's crack it was a fun experience. Then we returned to the beach and ate some really good burgers and bratwursts. I also ran into one of my mission buddies who is from Red Deer and had recently come back from BYUidaho. After we reapplied some sunblock we went and got on another boat. we proceeded to go tubing. Justin, Brooke and I got on three person tube that was being towed by Brooke's sister Sam. Well needless to say Sam is a crazy driver. She wipped us around pretty good and then the tube barrel rolled and I was thrown pretty far infront of the other two and then after I hit the water Brooke slammed into the back of me. It didn't feel to good but I was fine but Brooke later found out she fractured her arm and sustained a cuncusion. Then Justin and I had to go back to work so we left.
The next sunday we had the pleasure of feeding the sister missionaries. I had the opportunity to cook and prepare some navajo tacos for them which I must say were delicious.
well y'all I will probably see most of you before I post another blog.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh Canada

Ok lets see where to start? Well, I am still dating Jaylyn its going pretty good. Well on friday I woke up early and we went to the Edmonton temple and did a session. It is a really small temple but it was really pretty. The Celestial room had this chandalier that was really pretty. After the Temple we went to the West Edmenton mall which is either the biggest or the second biggest mall in the world. It was pretty cool it has an indoor water park and everything else you can imagine. We got lunch there then we had to get back to Red Deer because we had an hour drive to where we were working. Work is going well I have a hundred installs now so its going pretty good. Well for Canada which is July 1st we went and played fugitive with the singles branch. It was fun but i got pretty dirty and cut up from jumping through some thick foliage. Well to say the least Canada is really lame compared to the fourth of July in the states. Oh and one of the techs that works with me is taking the lessons so that is pretty cool. Well not a whole lot of things happen here. Oh yeah there was a tornado a few days ago here in town that was pretty cool to watch. well talk to you all later.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hey Yall,
So I have not been writing a lot lately I have been having some computer problems. But I think i got it all figured out so now I can catch you all up. So Canada is alright to say the least. I really don't like it here to much. But the people are nice and the weather is almost identical to that of Utah except for the fact that it doesn't get dark here until like 11 at night. So well lets see new things going on well I have been kind of dating this girl from the singles branch named Jaylyn. She is pretty cute and stuff really cool. I have been hanging out with her and some of the other people from the branch. We just play games and watch movies mostly because Sunday is my only day off. But we have been getting off early a few days of the week. But work is gong really well I have over 60 installs now and well on my way to my goal of a 180 installs by the end of the summer. Right now we are working out at Sylvan Lake which is the resort city up here in Alberta. We go swimming and chill at the lake until we get an install to go to then we go to work its been kind of nice to finally do some thing besides work and sleep.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Road Trip to Canadia.

Well I must mention that by this time we were a little sick of driving. Well it was a friday when we got our visas so we packed up and left as soon as we got them and we said our good byes and we left. It was sad to go because we had become good friends with all the techs and we had had a lot of fun with them playing sports everyday before we started work. Well we finally got out of there around 6 and we made it to about Pittsburgh or a little north at least. We called it a night and the next day we left and drove we saw that we were going to be going by Notre Dame so we stopped and toured the campus. It was a gorgeous campus. Also the next day the president was supposed to talk at Graduation so there were a lot of protestors. Well we went and walked through the Engineering building and the student center and the Library and we saw the Cathedral that was on campus and it was pretty. The Football stadium was huge. Well as we were walking on campus everyone was dressed in there cap and gowns it was kind of cool to see the students and the campus. Well after that we were off again. A few hours later we made it to Chicago and the traffic was horendous it took us about 2 hours to get through Chicago. The sears tour was way taller then all the other buildings well we finally got through and made it all the way to a town about 80 miles outside of Minniapolis. The next day we got up and got dressed in our Sunday attire and drove to St. Paul where we went to church with one of Justin's cousins who is selling APX security there. Then after church we were off again. Driving through fargo was cool but after that there was pretty much nothing until we got to the border of Canada and th US. It took us an hour and a half to get through the border. I guess they thought we were kind of suspicious so they searched our cars and everything. Oh yeah the police lady that searched my car was hot. Then we drove for another hour and called it a night. The next day we drove through what canadians call the corridor and I msut mention that it was worst then Nebraska and Wyoming. Well we finally made it here to Red Deer where we have been working almost non stop. And here we have a singles branch. Oh yeah we have not found that many cute girls here. And I am officially a Canadian now I am a Citizen and I am getting and accent Eh.

The Trip to Philly and New York.

Ok so when we got to Allentown we found that there was not a whole lot of work so we were asked if we wanted to go to Canada where there was a lot of work. So we said SURE. So we filled out the paperwork to get visas and stuff. Then we found out that we were going to be in Pennsylvania for a just a few more days. Well when the weekend came and sunday rolled around we went to church. Luckily for us it was a spanish branch so we both got to use our spanish that was cool. Then we went back to the apartment ate changed and headed out to go visit Philly and New York. Well we finally got to Philidelphia and went and looked at the Liberty bell and Independence Hall. It was cool to see some of the historic sites and we walked around and looked at a lot of sites. Then we jumped back into the car and we were off to New York. We got on the New Jersey turnpike and we made it to New York about 9 pm. We drove through the tunnel to get to Manhattan. Yep thats right we drove into New York. Luckily witht he GPS we made it to times square and parked about half a block from times square and we walked around and looked at everything and we went down to Central Park and then we went down to the temple. It was pretty cool to see what New York was like. Oh did I mention that it smelled like a big city. Well since I was there I decided to have a hotdog and some pizza since it was New York. Oh yeah the Hot dog was amazing I don't know what they put on it but it was good. The pizza was alright. Well I also bought a cool hat as a memento. Then we went back to the car and drove over to wall street and we got pictures with the bull and I got on top of it and got pics. Then we went to ground zero. And it really is a big big hole. Then we went and looked out at the statue of liberty. It was pretty but not as big as a I thought it was. After that we drove over the Brooklynn bridge and then we headed home. Or at least we tried to. We got stuck at the tunnels where they had it closed down to one lane and they had 6 lanes of trafic going into it. OH yeah did I mention that New York drivers are nutz and the Taxis are the worst. Well we finally got out of there and headed home we got back to our apartment around 3 am. And that was our adventure to New York.